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     The presented figures show

our controller HM-R150 with built-in   

3-channel radio remote control secure-coded

The controller gets its powersupply from each display MH-R58 and in return the controller drives pulses for AB/CD, times and traffic-lights from the built-in processor as well as audio-signals through an Data-Cable to the combined displays MH-R58  with connected horn-loudspeakers.

          There are no IT skills required

HM-R150 includes current shooting-times by WA (World Archery)

and can be selected by the DOS (Director of shooting) as required.

The DOS can control each sequence on the white screen at the frontside of HM-R150,

as well as groops AB/CD. Through a microphone (jack at the back) important announcements

to the external horn-speakers can be transmitted.

Upon request the control unit is available with wireless remote control (extra charge)

and without remote control (standard).

Dimensions in mm B x H x T: 260 x 95 x 110

Weight : 1,2 Kg